Frequently Asked Questions

The service is provided by spol. s r.o., registered with the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, insert 152876, ID: 28915119, VAT: CZ28915119.

The main advantages of the applications Speeder are:

  • enormous time savings
  • platform independence
  • the ability to import XML from Enterprise Architect
  • costs saving

Using Speeder is free for non-commercial, as well as for commercial purposes. If you want to support the maintenance and development of this project, you can send us a contribution.

Yes, after receiving contribution, we will send you the tax document - invoice in PDF. We are taxpayers. Our VAT: CZ28915119.

No, Speder is a web application and needs only a web browser Firefox, Safari or Chrome with JavaScript support.

If we consider the time required to edit and to layout the diagram, Speeder can save you up to 98% of the time compare to Enterprise Architect.

Use one package for each diagram in the Enterprise Architect project. Hold the diagram in one package, so as the objects used in diagram.

The basic syntax:

  • A->B: Synchronous message (request) from A to B
  • A->>B: Asynchronous message (request) from A to B
  • B->A: The return message (response) from B to A
  • A->B: Message 1 - name of the message
  • A->B: Message (x, b=2) - the parameters of the message
  • alt test 1 - the beginning of the fragment "alt" with the name "test 1"
  • alt test 1[A>0] - condition inside the fragment "alt"
  • else [A<=0] - another part of the fragment "alt" with condition
  • end - end of the fragment
  • state: Card: blocked - state of the object "Card" has been changed to "blocked"
  • order: B - changes the order of the timeline in the diagram

A->B: msg1(param1,param2=0)
alt 1st fragment [A=0]
A->A: msg2
else [A>0]
A->>B: msg3
state: B: finished
else [A<0]
A->>B: msg4

Click on the chart to the message you want to repair. In the box, the code will be highlighted in the place, where you should make update.