Create sequence diagrams online, fast and have more fun! Enter the text and the sequence diagram will be generated automatically. Or import XML from Enterprise Architect. Save up to 98% of the time, you needed for modeling of the sequence diagrams.

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Why to use Speeder?

Saves time

Create a diagram in a moment. Save 98% of the time that you needed to model in Enterprise Architect, or MS Visio.


Speeder brings you independence. Use iPad or computer in an internetcafe. No instalation needed. Use just internet browser.

Import XML from EA

Speeder allows you to import sequence diagram that you previously created in Enterprise Architect.
You don't need to start again from "zero".

It's free

Best of all - you can use Speeder completly free! For commercial purposes include.

How much do I save?

Save 45 minutes on the chart with 15 messages!

How does it work Start
Speeder - sequence diagram modeler - benefits and comparison with Sparx Enterprise Architect

How does it work?

Watch a 90-seconds video and you can start immediately.

  1. We recommend to use the web browsers: Firefox, Safari, or Chrome! The applications Speeder requires JavaScript.
  2. Start here: My account with sign-in using Google or Yahoo account.
    You can write code to generate diagram, or choose "Diagram manager" > "Import XML" to import a sequence diagram from Enterprise Architect.
  3. Tags, that can be used to create a sequence diagram can be found here.

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